First post everrr!!! w/ pictures!!!

Look! My native fruit is pear!!! And ew… WordPress is really starting to annoy me, i hate it. Therfore i am quitting this blog. inserting pics is way to hard!!!!!!!!!111 

And tortimer decided to pay me a visit at the town hall 😀 starting to annoy meee.Finally! I hacked the museum so I'd get a museum model in bed head.Finally! I hacked the museum so I'd get a museum model in bed head.Finally I came around to getting that camera!!

I hacked the musuem with action replay so I’d get the museum model. Bed head is awesome.


Amber’s adventure chapter 1

Kappn climbed into the cab, and started  the car. “Hello missy,” He said. “…” Amber replied.

“Yar, ye a shy one?” “No,” She said holding her nose. “Why are ye holding your nose?” Kappn’ inquired placing his foot on the pedal.

“I’m not sure if you had garlic today, sir, but it sure does stink, so please keep your mouth shut, sir.”

Kappn looked stunned. “ye sorry about that.”

The rest of the ride was quiet, and Amber was overjoyed to step out of the garlic-filled cab.

Here she was, at Beachy! Finally!

“Hey yo!” A strange voice called in the distance. Amber fainted. Was she dreaming? She had just realized she had drove here with an talking animal driving a cab….


Nygeh, I have a camera but it is absolutely blurry and I don’t really have that kind of money to buy a new one ^__^’ I hope you understand!! So I came up with this idea, I want to make acww stories!! I’ll be posting one soon so sit tight please…